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Dalmatian Health Testing and Clearances: What to Look for

If you have decided to purchase a Dalmatian puppy, we strongly advise that you seek out puppies only from breeders that have completed health testing to screen the parents for genetic diseases prior to breeding. The Dalmatian Club of America recommends screening for hip dysplasia, genetic eye conditions, and hearing. To encourage health testing and responsible breeding, the Dalmatian Club of America has partnered with the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) program with the goal of providing health information for owners, breeders, and scientists.

To promote sharing information of genetic diseases with other responsible breeders, scientists, and owners, you will also find that many responsible breeders turn to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. You may want to read more about specific health screening tests on the OFA website, and remember, ask a breeder to provide proof of health clearances before purchasing a puppy!

Additionally, you should only purchase a Dalmatian puppy if he / she has been BAER Hearing Tested. A responsible breeder will provide copies of the puppy’s BAER Hearing Test results to you.

An irresponsible or backyard breeder may try to tell you that having copies of these results are “not important” or that they “don’t need to test” their puppies because they can already tell that the puppy hears - this is nonsense! The only way for you to know the accurate hearing status of your potential new family member is with BAER Hearing Test results.

A 7-week old Dalmatian puppy has a BAER Hearing Test performed by a Veterinary Neurologist to determine the status of hearing in each ear.

You will find that many responsible breeders will conduct other health screenings (besides hips, eyes, and hearing) to include health issues such as: thyroid, cardiac, elbows, degenerative myelopathy.