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Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club

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mid-florida dalmatian club Specialty Show Results

Click on Date to View Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club Show Results


                                                                         Specialty Shows 2011                                        Specialty Shows 2004          

Specialty Shows 2017                                        Specialty Shows 2010                                        Specialty Shows 2003                                     

Specialty Shows 2016                                        Specialty Shows 2009                                        Specialty Shows 2002

Specialty Shows 2015                                        Specialty Shows 2008                                        Specialty Shows 2001

Specialty Shows 2014                                        Specialty Shows 2007                                        Specialty Shows 2000

Specialty Shows 2013                                        Specialty Shows 2006                                        Specialty Shows 1999

Specialty Shows 2012                                        Specialty Shows 2005                                        Specialty Shows 1998

mid-florida dalmatian club obedience TRIAL Results

mid-florida dalmatian club road trial Results


                                                                        Obedience Trial 2010                                       Obedience Trial 2003

                                                                        Obedience Trial 2007                                       Obedience Trial 2002

Obedience Trial 2016                                       Obedience Trial 2006                                       Obedience Trial 2001

Obedience Trial 2015                                       Obedience Trial 2005                                       Obedience Trial 2000

Obedience Trial 2012                                       Obedience Trial 2004                                       Obedience Trial 1999



Road Trial 2014                                                 Road Trial 2012                                                 Road Trial 2010

Road Trial 2013                                                 Road Trial 2011                                                 Road Trial 2009

Click on Date to View Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club Show Results

Click on Date to View Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club Show Results

mid-florida dalmatian club RALLY TRIAL Results

Click on Date to View Mid-Florida Dalmatian Club Show Results


Rally Trial 2016